Magical Mexican Mysteries

Review Date: 11 Oct 2010

Magical Mexican Mysteries! - by Ursula Brown, Managing Editor, Cape Info SA

At the official media lunch launch, Cape Info SA met newly arrived Garcia family (Ricardo, Arturo, Patrica, Mom) the SAN JULIAN RESTAURANT team...

Eight months ago, this passionate Garcia family, left Mexico en route to the Mother City. With them, a myriad of magical mexican mysteries are main ingredients on the menu at San Julian. The mission - to only offer the actual real Mexican deal. To understand this concept, we need to retrace origins of modern day Mexican to ancient Maya and Aztec tribes who first made contact with Europeans in 1521 when Spain conquered and colonized the territory.

Cuisine at San Julian, focusses on genuine original traditional fare. Its impossible to give an exact date for the invention of the Tortilla but according to Mayan legend this could be as early as 10 000BC and this authentic Corn Tortilla (part of Mexico's ancestral heritage) is a "hot" favourite with guests.

Traditional Mexican music, thematic decorative Sombreros, colourful mexican crosses intertwine with passion and flair of your hosts to create unforgettable ambience. A bar area with minimal seating overlooks an open kitchen for diners to observe the slow-food preparation process. A warm welcome from hospitable hosts awaits and San Julian is quickly becoming famous for making the best Margarita's in town.

On the Menu  - Nachos, Coiled Tortillas, Tacos (filled corn Tortillas), Torta de Asada (Portuguese bread with toppings), Tampiquena (barbecued meat with red rice, beans, guacamole) and Tortillas (either handmade with corn or flour) accompanied by barbecued meat, guacamole, mozzarella, onion, coriander.

For the those of you who LOVE MEXICAN FOOD or trying out new tastes, this is it.

Open for dinner 17h00 - 23h00 Mon - Sat.. San Julian Restaurant, 3 Rose Str, Green Point Cape Town. tel ++27 21 419 4233